Sound Healing

Sound healing is a modality I’ve loved long before knowing its’ benefits of clearing and rebalancing both the mind + physical body. Mentally, it took me deep into peaceful states where I was able to mindfully focus and contemplate resolutions to life issues; physically it calmed my stress levels and allowed for more restful sleep. It restored peace within my soul. The ancient technology of sound blended with spiritual focus + intention creates the perfect passage for multi-faceted and tangible healing.

Years ago, I was first introduced to sound healing through my exploration of meditation music: tingshas + Tibetan singing bowls played repeating sounds on loop continuously, to induce a droning effect which eased the mind of any future anticipation (since the mind + ears knew exactly what to expect, they could stand down and chill out). Not having the mind drift into the future enabled a grounding of consciousness into the present moment – a practice many of us in this hectic world full of distraction have trouble with more and more. The simple act of concentration or focus on the present is usually interrupted by social media notifications, prepping a quick dinner before running out the door or rushing the kids tutoring on time. No wonder many of us feel so scattered – our minds barely have a chance to land and pause.

scattered focus = scattered energy =

loss of energetic focus in the body

The aim of sound “baths” or a sound healing session is to “bathe” sitters in the vibration of sound – to fill the physical + energetic body with attuned vibrations that break up stagnant blocks of energy and reactivate or refocus the natural flow of chiki or lifeforce within our wholistic being, encouraging movement of blood, cells, oxygen + energy throughout our bodies as naturally intended. When things stop flowing over time, stagnation and disease are likely to develop.

My on-going practice in meditation and diverse self/spiritual-development craved an up-levelling. Although I am not a professionally trained musician, my higher self knew I needed to plunge deeply into training of this nature. In Spring 2018 I completed a transformative 75 hour certificate training program, Source Resonance, with Darren Austin Hall, sacred musician, druid, sound healing mentor – please read more about him and his incredible offerings, here. Darren facilitated the most thorough deep dive into sound medicine – and because of this experience felt inspired to build my own crystal singing bowl collection + offer this modality to others.

My peers, clients + I can attest to the immense shifts in physical/emotional states thanks to the awe-inspiring crystal bowls. Not only have we felt rested/refreshed after a session, but mental focus is sharper. A beautiful state of peace and bliss may be achieved. But more profoundly, physical ailments seem to calm or dissipate altogether – headaches, upset stomach, frozen shoulder, are examples of issues I have noted before the commencement of a session but leave no trace afterward. Sound baths are not only an audible/physical process, though, but allow us to go beyond the senses and enter the depths of consciousness, priming us for clarity of thought, new insights, epiphanies, and sometimes even mystical spiritual experiences.

“There’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, music and vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony.” — Mitchell Gaynor

Allowing the body + mind space to fully relax in this way creates an ultimate experience of peace, profound meditative states + deep cellular healing on physical levels. I can only say you must experience this multi-faceted modality for yourself, as words fail to thoroughly describe the core of its’ brilliance.

[more to come on the effect of vibration on the physical body, the science of sound healing etc.]

Currently, I offer personal + group sound bath sessions in-home and can combine with Reiki + Yin Yoga for a deeply nurturing experience. Please get in touch with any inquiries or interest in booking a session with me to be vibrationally re-tuned + reset!

“Sound will be the medicine of the future” — Edgar Cayce

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in-home group sound bath