Come find me casting cards all night long at Sisters of Midnight Arts and Divination Market – a WITCHfest North event! An enchanting evening market where you can shop handcrafted goods, enjoy witchy brews + delve into
magick + divination!
I will be offering 3 card Tarot readings | $20
584 College St., Toronto

With Fall just around the corner, it’s a great time to reset from the summer patios, cottage vacations and disrupted routines and get back on track with health (especially in preparation for the colder months ahead!) Have you been wanting to try Yoga or Pilates? Or finally experience a magical soundbath or Tarot reading? Maybe you just need a day to yourself to unwind and de-stress.
Join certified Pilates instructor Shawn, Tarot reader + sound healing practitioner Vanessa and certified Yoga instructor Megan for a unique self-care experience in the city as we attune our mind, body + spirits to the rhythms of Fall.

When: Saturday, October 26th
Where: 90 Ontario St. Toronto, ON
Time: 10am- 2pm

The day will include: intention setting, meditation, an energizing Pilates class, grounding Yoga session, mini Tarot readings, a magical and restorative soundbath and finally, therapeutic release techniques. A nourishing, zero-waste vegan lunch will be provided from The Goods! (similar outline as previous event listing below).

You will leave rejuvenated, replenished + grounded — ready for the Fall season!

Investment: $75.00. If you wish to register for this special event, please send e-transfer or PayPal funds to to reserve your spot.

We all know what Canadian Winters are like: long and drawn out, sucking vital energy from us as the days turn grey, nights grow longer and temperatures drop. Our energy quickly fades, self-care routines run off-course, and before we know it — we’re left feeling exhausted, stale and in need of a major refresh. Good news is, Springtime is just around the corner – and what better way to shake off hibernation mode than by pressing the reset button on self-care and re-establishing a healthy baseline for your transition into a brand new season!

If you’re looking to ease back into movement or explore new intentional practices, these combined modalities are ideal to help you spring into wellbeing! No experience necessary.

Join Certified Pilates Instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist Shawn, Sound Healing Practitioner + Tarot reader Vanessa and Certified Yoga Instructor Megan for a gentle yet invigorating self-care experience in the city!

Pilates | yoga | guided meditation | sound healing
connecting body, mind + spirit for deep rejuvenation

WHEN: Saturday, April 6th, 2019

WHERE: 90 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON

TIME: 10am-2pm

INVESTMENT: $75.00 (tax included)

PLEASE BRING: Yoga mat, reusable water bottle, comfy clothes, a pen and journal. Not required but nice to have: eye pillows/bolsters/blankets for the sound healing session

OFFERING: Starting with a warm welcome you will shift into light movement to activate the cells within the body, breathwork to ground energy and journaling to focus and set personal intentions in place. Afterward, enjoy an energizing Pilates class running 45 min., followed by a short break, moving into a 45 min. Yoga class to further stretch and tone the body. A nourishing vegan lunch will be provided, at which time you will have the opportunity for mini Tarot readings, or to seek advice from your hosts on holistic nutrition/yoga/Pilates/energy work. Alternatively, you may choose to simply have a peaceful moment to yourself in our beautiful sanctuary for the day! The afternoon will conclude with therapeutic stretches to help the body slow down and unwind in preparation of the ultimate relaxing experience – a sound “bath” which bathes the physical/energetic bodies in healing vibrations of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Sound healing aids in restoring a harmonious balance between mind, body and spirit as you rest effortlessly in Savasana for 45 min. A short journaling session will solidify our wellbeing work and the retreat will close with a take-home gift as a token of our gratitude to you!

If you wish to register for this special event, please send e-transfer or PayPal funds to Payments must be received in full to reserve your spot no later than March 31st, 2019.

Any questions? Please get in touch through my Contact page – we look forward to being part of your wellness journey!