LATIN: arcanum // secret, mysterious   |     iter // path, journey

The mystical, magical Tarot is depicted by Major and Minor Arcana cards – reflecting both the groundbreaking events and the mundane that make up the journey of our lives, which bring forth constant lessons and inspiration – sometimes through irony, tough love, or better yet, amazing synchronicities! Regardless of the vehicle, life throws us exactly what is needed to assist our evolution: to further expand our intellectual, emotional and spiritual facets. The culmination of our experience is strategically dispersed and woven into our reality as a basis for personal growth, so when space for self-reflection is honoured, we can consciously recognize where tweaks and enhancements are necessary for the changes desired in all areas of life. Unique as we all are, so are the journeys we undertake, making life a fascinating teacher: we can learn a little wisdom in every second of the day, and every person we encounter in both positive and negative situations. By discerning how to appropriately apply what is learnt over time, is how we carve out our personal paths + transcend the “issues” of 3D reality. All it takes is a little change in perspective and introspection.

By tapping into subconscious realms via intuition, meditation, and in conjunction with tools such as Tarot, we are better able to see ourselves in true light. Just like peering into a still, clear stream and making contact with your own reflection – it can be jarring at first – but given the opportunity to view oneself through a new lens, is rather illuminating. This is what Tarot offers: an honest, un-bias perspective that shines light onto areas of life that we may not be vividly aware of. Providing a neutral perspective to reevaluate things fairly. This glimpse into our true selves can reveal inner emotions to be brought up to the surface so transformation can occur; so powerful change can be made to better navigate our own mysteriously wonderful paths. This is incredible work for those on an inward journey of self-development.

So, I’m deeply honoured you are here. It means we share the same drive for growth + truth – to make conscious, deliberate changes and evolve into greater versions of ourselves. To transform our realities into higher, happier places to be!

As an eternal student, metaphysical explorer + creative soul (and when not delving into the cards) I also find my happiness + inspiration getting lost in nature, skygazing burning sunsets + sparkling stars, painting abstract expressionism, DIY-ing, reading uplifting texts + practicing meditation. Oh, and I’m a cat lady above all!

I look forward to our paths serendipitously entwining.

Vanessa xx