New Moon Solar Eclipse in PISCES: when astrology hits + everything makes sense

I’m scribbling down correspondences in my journal faster than my brain can process, while simultaneously reflecting on tarot pulls this week and referencing the Many Moons workbook; pieces are coming together, I’m remembering more, and kind of freaking out. In a good way, though, because everything is starting to make sense – I’m buzzing but overwhelmed with realizations from this past week. So instead of verbally connecting the dots and trying to explain synchronicities to my dude (who has no idea what I’m talking about, poor guy) and instead of chicken-scratching validations into various notebooks, I’m writing it all out here, neatly and at a speed my mind can appreciate.

I’m always amazed by patterns – witnessing how similar instances flow together effortlessly in one short time period…  it’s been one of those weeks where things consistently click in place.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I’m no astrologer so naturally it’s not a system I gravitate to first when seeking guidance/answers. With a basic understanding of planetary/cosmic influences I rely on other sources to assist along my journey. So when I am enlightened by cosmic literature that pulls all the pieces together – and validates my experiences – I am stunned by how easily I forget the saying as above, so below and astrology’s powerful influence over my life.

Being an intuitive and sensitive person, this week has peaked with instances where I’ve found myself feeling overly dreamy/imaginative, cracked open and receptive to the world around me, delving into the subconscious and tapping into empathic and psychic abilities. Overall, I’ve been immensely emotionally involved and feeling my way through every single little thing. I’ll share a few of my scribbles so it can start to make sense:

  • As part of my weekly collective tarot spread (posted on Instagram as Weekly Feb 20-26) the King of Cups showed up right smack in the centre, immersing a strong emotive vibe into the week right off the bat: indicating the use of emotional intelligence, ruling with a huge heart, deep compassion and ability to empathize, creativity, dreamwork, psychic and intuitive abilities heightened.
  • I’ve been working through a whole pile of unread books of various topics and for some reason this week I gravitated towards picking up The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan and devoured it. I felt a deep understanding with the author’s scenarios and remembered how connected I was to this topic, having had my own personal experiences (future post) scribbling each one down filling the white space of the pages. I was immersed in every word, sentence, story, tip that I actually paused briefly because I was surprised how it completely captured my unwavering attention. I can’t recall a connection quite like this to other topics.
  • On Tuesday I pulled Page of Cups as my daily card, which was the day I got my nails done on lunch. I remember rushing to my appointment after a meeting then settling down comfortably, listening to instrumental music play in a quiet spa-like setting. As the nail tech gently held and worked on my hands, I began to gaze off, unintentionally. I could sense her soft yet timid energy coupled with feelings of restraint – afraid to speak up, and a real sense of worry about pleasing her clients and boss. I then saw a vision of her as a child – sensing a feeling of being somewhat overlooked and not fully taken care of… a loneliness and sadness present within her to this day.
  • That night, I continued reading and came across a chapter discussing clairtangency – the ability to psychically acquire information through touch. As I continued reading, I realized this completely described my experience at the nail salon (which was quite interesting as I didn’t think psychometry and I jived).
  • As the week progressed I continued down this sentient path, at times heartbroken by the state of the world and its injustices, whether reflected in fiction or real life. I cried for Standing Rock, for trans kids, and during the movie Moonlight – the story of a child with odds against him, trying to find his place in life (won’t spoil it for you).
  • On the flip side, I also felt amazing and truly connected while vibing with music. Songs I love and heard a million times before sounded different this week: more vivid, vibrant, like I could feel its vibrational energy pulsing right through me – feeding my soul and keeping me alive. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, yaaaaaas! Sure had fun with that one!
  • And the usual wondering about people I haven’t seen or heard from in a while, then having them show up in my life in some way. Love those synchronicities!

So I went on to pull my collective weekend oracle spread yesterday, pictured above, which delivered incredibly appropriate messages to us in keeping with this week’s vibe – highlighting intuition, deeper connections and living from a place of love:

  • MECCA – The only power card from the Sacred Sites Oracle, illustrating one of the holiest places on Earth; that draws energy from all who pilgrimage and perform ritual/prayer and feed energy back into the cosmos. A card relaying the importance of energy focus; harnessing power within and through higher powers that be to strengthen universal connection between yourself and all things.
  • THINK WITH YOUR HEART (again! total stalker card for me this year – which I recently mentioned on another Insta post) – Clearly what this post is all about. Setting aside the sharp mind, rigid logic and harsh judgement to instead allow for a gentler, heart-centred way of life. Completely cracking the heart open to tap deeply into empathy to see from another’s perspective, to feel what they feel, to understand their side of the story. To promote patience, tolerance, acceptance and love for the purpose of living the highest and purest existence beneficial to all.
  • LAMB – a peaceful, gentle creature reminding us we have the answers within, as our own mystics. If we can trust ourselves, quiet the mind and focus, we shall receive the insight and inner peace being sought out.

So many similar messages… But this is what sent me over the edge. Catching up with Many Moons yesterday, I looked ahead checking on this weekend’s upcoming ritual, and BAM! It hit me like a ton of bricks: all this raw and emotive energy that seemed to be snowballing and building up to something greater… was actually leading to Sunday, February 26th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in PISCES = EXPLAINING EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! The moon being in the watery sign of Pisces amplifies everything related to the heart, to the underlying subconscious and supersensitive sides to ourselves. And not to forget that eclipse energy powerfully shifts our consciousness resulting in cleansing out old and ushering in new, improved outlooks to begin fresh new cycles. Wow, okay…got it. What a week! See how powerful the celestial influences can be without even realizing?

From my personal experiences this week in life and through the cards, I feel we are being called to disconnect from the external/physical – to learn to pay attention, tune into and trust our own inner realms of truth/emotion/feeling – and use this highly empathic and sensitive time to see the bigger picture; cultivate deeper connections with what’s real and what matters. In what feels like a crumbling world, it’s about time to start doing what feels right, allowing our hearts to lead, guide and rule over the mind. Let’s continue cracking open and spiritually transforming, shall we?

If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around! I know, it was a doozy! And if you’re feeling called to share, how has Pisces energy affected you this week? I’d love to hear your own personal experiences with the as above, so below concept.

Sending much love to you,



  1. Mama!! I didn’t know you were blogging. Love this peak into your beautiful mind. You should keep writing and sharing, this was lovely. Isn’t astrology amazing?! It’s been a progression for me. It’s really not something I want to rush, but absorb and integrate into my being. Love you! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beautiful Hera!! Thank you for such lovely feedback! Just made my day 💖
      I’m having fun sharing experiences and interacting with others on this platform – but the site was actually created solely for a fundraiser held last November (raising money for shelter animals)! I decided to keep it up and share personal content from time to time, and it’s turned out to be pretty awesome.

      Oh, astrology – it really is quite astonishing. I, too, am slowly integrating it more deeply into my life and documenting its’ cosmic influences. Constantly in awe of the universe…

      Thanks so much for reading – Love you Goddess woman ❤️😘


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