My, how the weeks seem to be flying by! Another Thursday read for you guys, hosted by Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot. Have a look below!

1. Reversals or nah?

I began learning with reversals because naturally, I wanted to grasp the complete and fulsome world of Tarot right from the start. But somewhere along my journey I felt my understanding of reversal interpretations was just not happening fast enough, nor was the level of detail at par with its upright counterparts. I happened to really enjoy a few reversals from the RWS perspective, but because I pulled them less frequently, it slowed down the learning process… patience was clearly not a virtue of mine at the time. So I decided to drop reading reversals altogether to focus more deeply on really getting to know the uprights and solidifying my interpretations of them.

So no, I don’t read reversals at this time – but will likely incorporate them back into my practice in the future.

2. If you could go back in time and give your novice self one piece of wisdom to fast track your tarot learning, what would it be?

I would definitely tell my teenage self to practice following intuition more instead of worrying about “rules” and would also strongly advise pulling daily cards. At the time, I didn’t even know daily pulls were a thing – or what other mini spreads were out there as I really had no one to share my interests with or learn from. I was kind of a loner student, pulling cards in the secrecy of my bedroom using the basic LWB! I should’ve consulted additional resources online as well for inspiration on other reader’s practices and perspectives. As a result, I only occasionally did large spreads for “major” events such as on New Years Day or after breakups (HA!) while strictly adhering to the book’s guidelines. Pretty in-the-box type of stuff but without consistency.

My advice to all the young or novice readers out there: don’t be so rigid with learning! Tarot is an art – so start small, free flow with it and have fun!

3. What is your go-to spread?

As Alaina mentions on her post, the Body, Mind, Spirit spread has really been working for me as well. Beyond that, I’m liking a mixture of oracle and tarot for myself – especially the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue (first + favourite oracle deck!) and the Connected & Free deck from Inner Hue. Throw a tarot card in the mix, and I’m good to go!

I would LOVE if you shared your go-to spread with me. I’m always on the hunt for new and meaningful ways to experience and expand from tarot. Leave me a comment below and let me know!



  1. Ha – loner kid slinging cards in secret – relatable. But you’re right, when you do it that way, there is so much you don’t know or don’t consider. I also never thought of daily pulls. It was like “important question” or nothing at all lol


  2. When I first got a tarot deck, like some 5 years ago now, I quickly lost steam on learning because I had no idea the kinds of resources and support was out there. I don’t know how vibrant the tarot community was on IG at the time (I didn’t even have a smartphone, but I think IG was a thing by then) and would never have found Aeclectic, so in a way, I’m lucky with the community I fell in to when I got my second deck and actually started learning more recently.

    Definitely agreed on reversals slowing the learning process. That’s why it’s probably best for beginners to just keep them out until you’re comfortable enough to incorporate them. Aaaand that’s basically the kernel of my reasoning against using them now haha – also because I think tarot does a pretty good job of incorporating light/shadow into the upright meanings to begin with.


  3. I think that is great advice! When I started reading the tarot I learned there were “Intuitive readers” and “by the books/traditional readers” I joined the intuitive readers early on, so I was kind of lucky in that sense.

    I don’t know where I would have found a community to share tarot with if I had started reading in high school, maybe that’s why I didn’t. I am so glad to have joined IG and met all you lovely ladies though!

    I saw a video of Kasia on YouTube (Tarot Map), she shared a very interesting spread I want to try. After shuffling the deck, she looks for the Fool card, then reads the cards that were before and after the Fool to answer the questions: where is the Fool going? and where has the Fool been? I haven’t used it, but it’s on my list of spreads to try.


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