Happy Sunday y’all. Late yes, but for good reason as I’ve been catching up on some self-care that could no longer be postponed. You’ll know what I mean if you follow on the ‘Gram. So I’m excited to finally sit down and dive into this week’s questions provided by my girl Alaina! I loved her post which you can catch here. And as always, my thanks to Julia for conjuring this blogging baby up!

1. What is your favorite tarot card and why?

I do love The Star and have a very personal bond with this card. I remember it showing up for me right after a seriously stressful period in my life, giving incredible hope that things would return to normal, now that an enormous hurdle had finally been conquered. I felt a great relief infiltrate every fibre of my being – weight lift off my shoulders – the healing and joy… it just clicked. I was going to be okay. Life was going back to the way it used to be. The Star marked a new beginning, free from the clutches of low-vibe worrying that plagued me for so long and the freedom to return to my old self: creative, spontaneous, adventurous. With the stress dissipating, I would be able to truly enjoy the things that brought happiness once again. I felt revitalized and grateful for this new chance, this ultimate breath of life!

2. What is your least favorite tarot card and why? 

Of course, no one likes when the 3 of Swords or The Tower show up as they bring along such pain and suffering, not to mention I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with both in the past year. So it’s typical not to adore those two – but at the same token, they don’t come up that frequently in the day-to-day pulls.

A more mundane card that does show up a lot, my least favourite, has to be the 2 of Pentacles. When it comes up, I cringe. It has proven time and time again to be a card of chaos, unmanageability, work overload and ultimate frustration. When this speaks to work, I know I’m going to be in for one hell of a ride.

3. If you could be a tarot card (live in/personify/experience), which would it be and why?

Oooh, such a great question! How could I possibly choose?! Depends on the day I guess, but for the Majors: I do admire The Hermit for his detachment and studiousness, The High Priestess for her independence and intuitive knowing and more recently, The Empress who radiates ultimate vibrancy, nurturance and ease… which is something I’m going for nowadays! Judgement also speaks to me deeply reminding to be the best version of myself at all times. As for the Minors: Queen of Wands is my fiery spirit animal and the Knight of Cups reminds me of a softer, Romeo-type figure. I’m all about the love and dig his dreamy vibe, too!

Thanks for stopping by and having a read! Wishing you a lovely Sunday, friends!




  1. Yup, 2 of Coins for me too. It’s another one, like the 4 of Coins where I just go “bleh”. The Knight of Cups is definitely dreamy, but knowing me I’d barely notice him in real life and go for the rebel Knight of Wands instead. Okay, I’m talking about dating tarot cards now so imma call it a night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I resonate with Pentacles THE LEAST so when they come up, I feel so out of my element. Totally bleh lol. And saaame – love me a bad boy! Although recently, I’ve been trying to take a softer approach and feel out the Cups a bit more. And hey, I’m totally down for dating fictional characters (had a huge crush on Tuxedo Mask back in the day) haha OK goodnight!
      (and sorry for the week late response 😐 )


  2. It’s so funny how many of us went with pentacle cards for our least favorite. Maybe the swords just get too bad of a rap we couldn’t beat them down any more, ha! Thanks for sharing your personal relationship to the Star! I love to hear more about how people have directly felt a certain in action in their life.


      1. Yeah, I mean, I always try to read pentacles beyond “finances” because that’s what the guidebooks so often reference. That is quite dull to me too…


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