Hey all! You know the drill by now – only this time, I’ve submitted my very own questions for this week’s #TarotThursdayThree hosted by Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot. Woo! Each question was inspired by experiences that occurred on the exact same night, which is kinda crazy now that I think of it. And ps. it’s a long one, so get your re-fill on, get cozy and enjoy!

1. What was your first time like giving an in-person reading? Where were you? How did you feel? Spill the deets!

The first time I gave in-person readings for complete strangers, happened accidentally at a friend’s Halloween house party. Yup! I was dressed as none other than an “old-fashioned” tarot reader (feathers, scarves, layers of jewellery, lace and smouldering makeup) and toted my card bag around and drink while being introduced to many friendly, unfamiliar faces. I didn’t really anticipate a huge interest in actual readings, and thought my friends would maybe ask as the party dwindled down.

It all began when the people I just met started asking, “Hey, that’s an interesting costume – what are you exactly?” or “Can you actually read those cards?”. Then in between sips of my drink I found myself clearing the candy table and pulling cards for these people I’d just met. Of course, I was a bit nervous because at the time I was not super fluent with the entire repertoire of traditional meanings and kept a reference book in my bag just in case – what if I was off? But more importantly, I didn’t know these people and as a tarot student I worried about offending or giving “wrong” interpretations that could potentially kill their vibe at the party. Not to mention, some of their costumes were kind of throwing me off – like the young couple who convincingly dressed as a fragile, yet adorable elderly couple. I just couldn’t get passed the itchy grandpa sweater, deep set wrinkles, saggy boobs and canes as they queried on the types of wild adventures and exotic travel plans the future would hold for them! Oh, the irony! It was cool though, regardless of the music blaring, drinks spilling on my spreads or the number of times I had to repeat myself over everyone else’s conversations. I seemed to be providing the clarity and direction needed for everyone, and felt us having a great time. But I noticed other people started forming a line… and holding spots… and at that point realized I hadn’t seen my own friends or dude for what seemed like hours, and was disappointingly still on my first bevvie (ha). Plus, my voice was kind of fading at this point so I told everyone I needed a 15 minute break to chill out and catch up with my own friends (not gonna lie – I was a tad annoyed and felt I was missing out on the rest of the fun). Yet I was met with such perplexed faces… “You mean, you’re a guest here? You weren’t hired?”. Wow, I totally bursted out in laughter and explained I was a friend of the host’s and would be back shortly.

Ah, Halloween. The most wonderful time of year. Giving Freddy the kiss of death, 10 of Swords style.


2. Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings? How did they react and why? How did you respond back?

Upon returning from my “break” at the party, I was met by a young woman who approached me in a rather blunt and obtrusive way… right off the bat I sensed a lingering issue or chip on her shoulder. Hmm… something was off about her. Just didn’t get a good vibe. Anyway, she briefly explained the situation with an ex-boyfriend and insisted on using the cards to “creep” him – sounding off my moral and ethical alarm bells. She wanted to find out very personal things, to at which point I cut her off and politely relayed I would not delve into other people’s lives, especially ones that are no longer in the picture – which, of course, she wasn’t too pleased to hear! Huffing, puffing and rolling eyes followed. By this point I hoped she’d just get up and leave, knowing I would not provide information she truly wished for, but she did manage to ask one last question. I could feel her intensity when asked whether her ex would be interested in reconciling or ever getting back together… and just guess which card showed up to the party next – take a wild guess!

The 8 of Cups.

Aaaand I nearly fell off my chair!!! I thought, okay, surely this person will now spontaneously combust before my eyes! Oh my goodness, how could I soften the blow?! Well, I actually didn’t. And pretty much told her straight, “He’s over you and moving on, sorry”. I can’t recall her words to me as I was still kind of shocked about the appearance of that card, but do recall her extremely surprised and unsatisfied response – getting up to leave, wide-eyed, open-mouthed, completely put off by a message she was clearly not ready to hear. All I could say was “Sorry, that’s what the cards are showing me” as she said a quick thanks and turned to walk away. If she stuck around we could’ve definitely discussed the positives, but was probably another conversation she wasn’t interested in having.

Later on a friend of hers came up to me and shared she had a feeling the grumpy-woman asked about her ex, although her friends have been begging her to forget him for ages! All I alluded to was that it’s hard to accept things when not ready to let go…


3. Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot? What was your experience like?

Yes. Just to round out my experiences of the evening, which I credit the universe for, ha, thanks a lot!

After the mini readings, a somewhat intoxicated individual (asshole) made completely inappropriate and offensive comments to another guest (I’ll leave those details out) which obviously caused a stir amongst us resulting in verbal backlash towards him. After some discussion, the gracious host told him he could stay under the condition he apologized. Now, being the egotistical, semi-mean-spirited person he can be, his apology was pitiful and awkward at best. Needless to say, his friends pretty much tried avoiding him the rest of the night, while sadly, the offended party left early.

But of course, he sauntered over and found me at the kitchen island, minding my own business. I think I rolled MY eyes at that point. He struck up a conversation (which felt more like a rigid Q&A interview) when noticing my cards and began questioning tarot, then my beliefs in religion, to asking what my fiancé thought about my practices… as if I needed anyone’s approval. Um, hell-to-the-no. And like seriously, dude! The audacity! He was in no position to be offending anyone else – he already MAJORLY crossed the line earlier. Clearly, this guy was just oblivious. As background, this rude/drunk guy was apparently a “staunch” religious person yet I immediately felt his shadow of judgement cast over me when mentioning I practice spirituality, not religion. When I take walks in nature, instead of going to church. When I’ve had supernatural experiences that I hold dear to my heart. So really, the irony of it all was some next level shit!  But I was glad to entertain this – I knew he’d get a lesson in empathy and kindness from me one way or another. I was sure of that.

After trying to convert me to a main world religion and calling bullshit on tarot, he gave into himself (his curiosity?) without any coaxing from me and said, “Let’s just pick a card, for the hell of it”. And he did. And he got Page of Cups Rx, which I explained was the apology card, among many other low-vibe characteristics I found him to represent.

His silence was profound.

Phew…what a night – thrown to the wolves, much?! All a girl wanted was to have fun on her favourite spooky holiday, but the universe had other plans! And definitely taught me a few interesting lessons: you can’t please everyone – you can teach jerks important lessons – and you should definitely have fun and go with the flow on the fly!

Can you relate to these experiences? Let me know if you’ve ever faced similar situations – I’d love to hear your story and how you handled it! Share in the comments or leave your blog down below – I’d love to check it out.

Hope you have a great day, friends!

Vanessa x


  1. Ahahah! What a cool story, despite the uneasy parts. Maybe you should start doing parties, eh? 🙂

    I can say that I enjoy mixing tarot and drinks, though maybe not at a huge Halloween party (for the reasons you stated)! From your photos it looks like you two had fun xx


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