Wow… another year winding down. It still surprises me how quickly time flies, how rapidly seasons shift and how life can change with the blink of an eye! I’m so excited to sit down and pull my year ahead spread on January 1st, but before leaping too far into the future, I’m choosing to slowly wind down and reflect on 2016, little by little. Many huge events, ups/downs, and ‘aha’ moments have occurred this year so I’m allowing time to process each thoroughly, express, gratitude, journal then consciously create intentions for the new year. As part of my process, I whipped up a simple #2016wrapup spread, so if you’re called to, come sling along!

  1. Major Accomplishment of 2016
  2. Strength of the Year
  3. Weakness of the Year
  4. What to Release from 2016
  5. Advice for 2017

Hoping this tool serves in your end of year reflections and rituals. Check out the hashtag on Instagram to see the outcomes of my spread as well as others’ from our online tarot community!

Have fun pulling cards, reflecting and journalling your new year intentions Xx

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