#tarotforacause – CLOSED

Above // That’s Mako, the silliest kitty and king of the castle! We adopted him from the SPCA in June 2014. Everyone adores him and his antics!

I’m a (proud!) crazy cat lady and deeply care for the wellbeing of animals across the world. This is something that has always weighed heavily on my heart. In the past I’ve fostered and cared for strays, adopted from and happily donated to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). At this time I’m looking to make a larger contribution as there are so many animals in need – and I’m looking for help!

Please join me in raising money for the betterment of shelter animals through, you guessed it, Tarot! 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Ontario SPCA.

Now through December 20th, 2016 (and with possible extension!) I am offering:

  • Various 3 card readings for $15 CDN. Choose from the following:




Where You Stand Now/Your Aspirations/How to Get There

Current Situation/Obstacle/Advice


You/Your Current Path/Your Potential

You/The Other Person/The Relationship

  • Cost: $15 CDN paid via PayPal 
  • PDF write-up and photo of cards pulled – emailed directly to you. Which will look a little something like this (but with 3 cards only):


  • Most importantly, 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Ontario SPCA. I will document and share the submitted donation when fundraiser is complete!

If you’re feeling called to participate, please:

  • Head to PayPal and select Send Money to Friends and Family
  • Enter my email arcanum.iter@gmail.com to send your $15 CDN donation
  • In the note area, please include your email address (if different from the PayPal email), specify the reading you are interested in along with a related question or bit of background, for example: “I’ve been thinking of starting a volunteer group and would like to know where it may go from here. I would like the You/Your Current Path/Your Potential reading for more information”. And remember, questions are not required; I can also do general readings – just specify your preference!
  • Click Send Money Now – I’ll receive a notification and will work on your reading right away!
  • To spread the word: use #tarotforacause on Instagram or share this page online!

Or, if called to donate directly, I urge you to visit the SPCA’s donation page. Any amount contributed is helpful and always appreciated.

Sending out my gratitude to you for sharing love and compassion, your donation and spreading the word to help our furry friends in need!

Vanessa xx


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